Welcome to Chrysaor.info

Chrysaor.info provides VMware images for Ubuntu. Also, some archived Debian, OpenBSD and Ubuntu VMware images are available in the Archive section.

VMware images from Chrysaor.info are high-quality VMware images that have VMware Tools installed for maximum performance.

You can download the images via BitTorrent. Chrysaor.info has its own BitTorrent tracker and some servers seeding all time. To make sure it's always possible to download the images, HTTP downloads are available if there are not enough BitTorrent seeds.


When you download via Bittorrent, please keep it seeding for a while to keep the torrent fast and to save our bandwidth! A share ratio of 1 or higher is considered to be fair.

Consider a donation

Donations express your appreciation for the VMware images and service that Chrysaor.info provides for free and encourage the development of new VMware images. Your support will help covering the hosting costs and make it possible for Chrysaor.info to continue offering high-quality VMware images for free. You can donate via PayPal. Thank you for your generosity!

To express our gratitude for your donation, we will offer you fast HTTP VMware image downloads during your visit of Chrysaor.info. Visit the image section again after completing your donation to use them.